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What is The Combine?

The Combine is a six month program that merges learning, coaching, and community to find, guide and support the entrepreneurs in your town.

Your entrepreneurs, whether aspiring or experienced, will have the opporunity to attend four workshops, access online curriclum, join a local group of other like-minded risk-takers, and the chance to receive individualized coaching and mentorship.

How it Works

Unify local leadership.

We can’t do this alone! We will help you identify key community members to help create and grow your community’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The committee will assist in workshop marketing, organizing community events outside of The Combine, and be a resource to the entrepreneurs.

Interactive entrepreneurial workshops.

Four workshops will be offered throughout the six months, open to anyone and everyone interested in entrepreneurship. All those who attend the workshops will be given access to our online curriculum and invited to join a local community of like-minded individuals.

One-on-one coaching and mentorship.

After the attending the first workshop, entrepreneurs can then apply for a coveted seat on the Premier Track. Following an application and interview process with us and the steering committee, a limited number of entrepreneurs will be able to receive individualized coaching and access to mentors.


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What will the entrepreneurs get out of the program?

Exclusive access to tools and resources.

  • Starting Your Business Curriculum
  • Online Resources
  • Strength Assessment

In-depth training and support.

  • In-person Workshops
  • Monthly Coaching Calls*
  • Mentor Matching*

Networking inside and outside community.

  • Connections with Local Entrepreneurs
  • Large Virtual Community
  • Relationships with Local/State Supporters

"You guys saved me months by connecting me with a great developer for my product's dashboard. I cannot thank you enough!"

- Duane Olrich, Owner, Industrial Systems & Supply

"We enjoyed a good second year as owners of the company and are excited for the new challenges and opportunities to grow our company in 2019."

- Jeff Mullinix, Founder, PopupBlinds